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Wash & Wax

Customers who are looking for a quick shine, we offer a wash and wax package, with a quick interior Vacuum and dashboard swipe. The whole process takes around 1 hour, Prices start from 4 BD.


Seat Cover

We offer Plastic (Naylon) seat covers, these transparent plastic covers will protect your fabric or leather seats from stains, tears and dirt. We install them professionally and they can last for more than 2 years. Prices Start from 7 BD.


Auto Detailing

Our full Detailing Package includes Body clay, Exterior Polish by machine (2 or 3 times depending on the cars condition), Exterior Wax, Shampooing Car Fabric Seats/Floors, Leather Seats Cleaning and Conditioning, Plastics Treatment, Wheels & Tires, Exhaust Tips & Basic Engine Cleaning. Customers can also choose Only Interior detailing or Exterior Detailing. Our Full Packages starts from 25 BD.


Remove Temp Paint and Wraps

We offer the service of Removing Temp Paint & Car Wraps (Stickers). It includes polishing your car and waxing it to bring back the original color shine. Prices starting from 70 BD for removing temp paint and 50 BD for removing car foils/Wrap.


Mobile Service

We come to your location and wash, polish and wax your car. call us to book your appointment.


Head lights Restoration

The cloudy, faded, yellowed or dull headlight lenses are potential dangers as the headlights are not functioning to their full capacity. Restoring your headlights will bring your light output and clarity back to a factory “like new” condition. Prices starting from 6 BD


Japanese Coating Wax

Our new Japanese Coating Wax, Stays on the car for 10 Months, Extreme Wet Shine, Unlike Ceramic Coating, You can wax over it for more Shine, No Need Cutting Polish to remove the wax and it will Protect your car against water spots, Sun rays..etc Prices Starting from 25 BD for small cars including wash the car and Machine polish it for 2 or 3 times then applying the coating wax.

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